Potential Banner/Widget Styling



Project: PACE & PACE Systems

Priority: Low

Label: Enhancement

Status: Closed

Date Submitted: Mar 29, 2018 1:39 PM

Estimated Solve Date: Apr 19, 2018


Just a designer's suggestion, It would be pretty cool to be able to input an image as the title of a widget. There is the options to include widget's title and/or border, well the titles of my widgets are not really appropriate to show visitors (my example widget titles "Add New Products HERE" - "Outside Ad - Without Price" - "Size 870x783") It would be beneficial to have "headers" of widgets to help visitors way-find. I've attached a screenshot where I make-shift an example of what I am talking about. ("WE HAVE NEW ITEMS" in black with white text) Thanks. -Sydney


Screenshot of issue


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