Our Team

Take a peek at the people behind the programs.

Tim Odom


John Debalso

VP of Purchasing and Vendor Relations

David Ayers

Marketing Director

Greg Griffith

Special Markets & Program Sales Manager

Ryan Hurst

Product and Data Manager

Donnie Hurt

Marketing and Merchandising Specialist

Samuel Kieffer

Purchasing Analyst

Joy King

Office Manager

Leslie Luttrell

Accounting Manager

John Arnaud

Content Editor

Bo Bacon

Vendor Support Specialist

Sharon Cameron

Product Data Specialist - PIES

Jonathan Fields

Video and Resource Manager

Stephen Fillers

Visual Design and Development Manager

Jodi Nichols

Developer - Full Stack

Nick Marshall

Data Specialist

Pat Pearce

Event Coordinator and Data Processing

Paul Schmidt

Senior Developer - Database/API

Jared Shoemaker

Senior Developer - Back End

Jerry Simpson

Program Sales Manager

Colton Spears

Junior Developer

Randy Spangler

Test Manager

Kristie Vanover

Administrative Coordinator

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