Scosche Mission Statement

Our goal is to produce cutting edge, innovative accessories at a competitive price. To provide superior service and quality for our customers. To create products they will enjoy for life, with American ingenuity they appreciate.

Who We Are

Scosche came to life in 1980, when Roger and Scotia “Scosche” Alves started a car audio consulting business in their garage. Since then we’ve grown to 200 employees dedicated to designing, perfecting, and delivering the more than 4,000 consumer technology, powersports and car audio products that represent our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, safety and value. We’re still a family owned and run company, with three generations of the Alves family working at the Scosche headquarters in Ventura County, California.

Our "Why"

Scosche was born from, and runs on our passion for cool vehicles, amazing sounds, the great outdoors, travel, motorsports, horsepower and voltage. We’re a company of gearheads, drivers, surfers, racers, riders, tech buffs, tech users, innovators, and relentless pursuers of perfection. We never get stuck in the past or in the mud.

Scosche Accessories for Life!

We always explore new ways to make people’s lives simpler, safer, richer, and happier. That’s why we build the accessories that power your phone, use it hands-free while you drive, listen to great music anywhere, monitor your heart rate, film your ATV ride, jump start your truck, and more. So you can focus on following your passions.

User Innovation

The inspiration for, and evolution of Scosche products comes from our user innovation approach. We listen to customer feedback and use our own products every day.

Optimized for Outdoors

We’re thankful for our amazing Scosche Ambassadors who use our products while living out their dreams. Our Ambassadors thoroughly field test and enjoy our products, while sharing the excitement and challenges of their lives with us.

Follow your dreams wherever they may take you. Just remember to take your Scosche Accessories for Life along for the ride!

Warranty Information


PowerUp 32K - PBPi - How to Video

PowerUp 32K - PBPi - How to Video

The PowerUp is equipped with a 32,000 mAh/115Wh Lithium- Ion battery with 110V AC output. The independent USB/AC switch design makes the PowerUp safe, efficient and reliable. The AC button turns on/off the AC output, along with the 100W built-in inverter and internal fan. The USB button turns on/off the 2 USB-C and 1 USB Type-A ports. To use both the USB and AC outlets at the same time, press both the AC and USB buttons to the on mode. Use the power hub with m [...]

MagicMount™ PRO2 Flush Mount - MP2FM - Scosche

MagicMount™ PRO2 Flush Mount - MP2FM - Scosche

This magnetic flush mount securely holds your phone so that you can view it, and use it, hands-free just about anywhere. It holds most phone brands, models and sizes using the provided MagicPlate®. It also holds all Apple iPhone®12 series (and later) with no MagicPlate needed. Extra powerful, 100% device-safe Neodymium magnets securely hold phones of all sizes, including Apple iPhone 12 series (and later). Automotive grade adhesive provides a strong hold to [...]

BTFreq™ - BTFM4 - Scosche

BTFreq™ - BTFM4 - Scosche

Wireless Hands-Free Car Kit Make hands-free calls from your Bluetooth enabled Smartphone with this Scosche BTFreq wireless handsfree car kit. LED Displays the exact frequency the transmitter is tuned to for easy syncing with your vehicles stereo system. Wirelessly Stream music from the Digital FM transmitter to your vehicles FM stereo. Charge your devices with the Dual 2.4 + 1AMP USB ports on the 12V car charger and change music tracks forward/back play/pause [...]

StrikeLine™ Premium Cables - Scosche

StrikeLine™ Premium Cables - Scosche

Designed to resist daily wear and tear, this heavy-duty cable will last as long as your device, or longer. Reinforced and extended housing provides strain relief at the crucial point of bending/twisting. Braided cable provides flexibility, strength and tangle-free durability.

CarMount Extendo  & CarMount Cup

CarMount Extendo & CarMount Cup

The Scosche UH4WDEX2-SP ExtendoMount Universal Mount with Telescoping adjustable arm is a car phone holder system for conveniently mounting your Smartphone devices to your vehicle's dashboard or windshield in your car, truck, boat or RV. Every vehicle and driver are different that’s why the Extendo adjusts to perfectly suit each one. Securing your device is easy: just place it between the adjustable arms and lock securely in place. The arms accommodate any d [...]

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