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Extang, Inc. manufactures America's number one selling pickup truck bed tonneau and tonno covers, pick up truck accessories, and tonneau - tonno truck bed cover products since 1982. Extang was the first tonneau manufacturing company in America to sell the tonneau - tonno pickup truck bed cover, tonneau pickup truck accessories, tonno pick-up truck accessories, tonneau truck bed covers, and tonno pickup truck bed covers nationwide. Extang engineers created the "No Damage, No Drilling, Clamp-On Aluminum Frame" tonneau truck cover and the tonno pickup truck bed cover systems.

Warranty Information

Warranty Duration:

Lifetime Frame & Tarp The following Extang products carry a lifetime warranty against defective materials or workmanship on all tonneau rails, aluminum components, clamps, bows, hardware and vinyl covering. Revolution Tonno, Express Tonno, Trifecta, E-MAX Tonno.
Lifetime Frame & 10 Year Tarp The following Extang products carry a lifetime warranty against defective materials or workmanship on all tonneau rails, aluminum components,clamps, bows, hardware. And a 10 year warranty against defective materials or workmanship on the vinyl covering. Classic Platinum, BlackMax, Fulltilt, Tuff Tonno.
The following Extang products carry a three year warranty against defective materials or workmanship on all tonneau rails, aluminum components, clamps, bows, hardware. Solid Fold, Encore Tonno.

Warranty Conditions:

This warranty is against defective materials or workmanship. The warranty is void if the product has been damaged by accident,unreasonable use, neglect, improper service/installation/removal,modifications, acts of God, normal wear and tear or other causes not arising out of defective materials or workmanship. Consequential and incidental damages are not covered under this warranty.

WIND WHIP DAMAGE Tarps must be secured at all points when vehicle is in motion. An unsecured tarp will flap, resulting in damage to the fabric.
IMPROPER CLEANING It is recommended to use the tested and approved Extang Tonno Tonic or clean with soap and water only. Do not use vinyl conditioners (i.e. Armor All) because they will shrink the vinyl.
OVERLOADING OF CARGO Cargo should not touch the tonneau at any point. Protrusions in the tarp will stress the fabric. Cargo may shift while traveling and cause it to push against the fabric or panels and damage it.
DRIVING WITH PANELS OPEN OR IMPROPERLY SECURED ON ALL FOLDING TONNEAUS Prior to vehicle operation, clamps must be tightly secured so that clamp lips tightly grip the inner bedside metal surface.
OPEN POSITION: Tonneau must be completely folded and secured with BOTH buckles.
CLOSED POSITION: Tonneau must be completely flat and secured at all 4 clamps.
OPENING PANELS WITHOUT REMOVAL OF DEBRIS ON ALL FOLDING TONNEAUS Top of tonneau MUST be free of foreign material including snow and ice before opening panels or severe damage may result.
TOWING Do NOT tow your vehicle from the rear with any Extang tonneau cover on your truck.

The warranty applies to the original consumer/purchaser. Warranty registration must be on file and/or proof of original purchase (detailed and dated receipt) required for warranty to be effective. Warranty coverage starts from the date of purchase.


Provided all warranty conditions are met, Extang will either repair or replace (at Extang's option) the product or component. Extang may require the original item to be returned postage prepaid for final determination. Extang reserves the right to substitute and offer the respective warranty discount on an entire replacement system or provide other remedies than those listed in this warranty for discontinued products or other reasons. A return authorization number must be obtained from our customer service department prior to returning any product. Shipping charges will apply for any repair or replacement. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other legal rights which vary from state to state.

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