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“We have plenty of room…” said no one ever when packing for a road trip or family vacation. Whether you’re an expert ‘Tetris’ packer or a Packing Procrastinator, space is an issue in today’s vehicles to fit everything you need and more than a few things you probably don’t need. This ultimately leaves you with a great dilemma…beer or clothes? Most Roof Cargo Carriers today will cost you a small fortune just to help you get from Point A to Point B with everything dry and in one piece. Much of that cost is about image. If it’s important neighbors think you are climbing Everest or holidaying in the French Alps, you are probably not a TRUNX customer. If you are trying to get the kids, the dog and a reasonable amount of gear cross country safely and reliably, TRUNX has a Roof Cargo Carrier for you. BTW, you’ll still look good, you just won’t need to take a 2nd mortgage to do so.

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