Out of stock



Project: PACE & PACE Systems

Priority: Low

Label: Enhancement

Status: Closed

Resolution: Solved

Date Submitted: Jan 20, 2017 6:39 PM

Estimated Solve Date: Feb 10, 2017


I hate the wording "out of stock" especially when used where we are showing say 10 choices and we only stock 4, that looks like poor supplier to me... Now if the item is actually stocked and we are out, I would suggest that that answer something like "sold out, back in stock in 3-5- 7??? days", I don't know if we have the ability at this junction to put the item on BO for them as a choice or as you are clever folks, can the system offer to leave a prompt and you will get an e-mail or text when the part is back in stock, how cool would that be? I also would suggest that a option be given to allow the WD to only show parts in stock, or brands of parts in stock. The worst thing is to have a customer want something and then you have to walk him back when it is not available or in stock, those things usually make them go elsewhere to see if they can find the item they were talked into or talked themselves into.


Apr 19, 2017 1:49 PM

This has been addressed with a code change to allow the WDs to set their own message for items that are, Out of Stock, Unavailable, Available or On Backoreder.