Search "roller rockers Chevy 350"



Project: PACE & PACE Systems

Priority: Low

Label: Bug

Status: Closed

Date Submitted: Jun 19, 2017 10:36 AM

Estimated Solve Date: Jul 10, 2017


roller rockers, roller rockers Chevy get you to roller rockers, the addition of 350 takes you off the board and now starts lining up anything with 350 on the part number, when adding a number NOT at the beginning it should disregard the searh for a part number that matches and continue to look for the item that would have 350 in the description, also as many descriptions list the 350 in their version of saying 283-400 or 305-400 or 327-400, these should be used as equivalents for searches on ALL the CI sizes, if you know what I mean... Rick at NPW


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