National Performance Warehouse: Location 13 - Dallas

National Performance Warehouse: Location 13 - Dallas


4804 Calvert St

Dallas, Texas 75427 USA


(214) 637-6355

(214) 637-5513


Performance Warehouse (PW) was incorporated in 1969. It was created to enable the retail store operations (Baxter Auto Parts) compete with the bigger retailers by buying larger quantities at lower prices. The business outgrew several warehouses in the Portland area, and then purchased Republic Automotive in Tacoma, Wash., utilizing that warehouse to service the Washington State market. There currently are three warehouse facilities (2 in Portland, Ore. and 1 in Tacoma, Wash.).

Performance Warehouse is a specialty warehouse for all kinds of automotive accessories and specialty equipment, and is also a full line warehouse. With three locations, Performance Warehouse has approximately 130,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space and over 250 employees to service Parts Pro affiliates all over the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii.

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