The AAM Group™ Put Me On the Map

AAM helps your store get found by local shoppers.

Consumers often go to brand websites as they search for local retailers and installers of aftermarket accessories. Most manufacturers that partner with The AAM Group™ offer where-to-buy listings on their websites to meet this need. Getting your business listed on as many of these as possible is an important way to create awareness of and drive traffic to your store

AAM's On the Map™ service lets you submit your store listing to AAM brand partners through an easy-to-use portal: simply fill out your company information, list the brands you actively sell, and indicate whether you provide installation services. AAM will forward this information to all of the vendors you select. You can expect to begin to be listed on brand websites within 4–6 weeks.

Important note: Manufacturers want to make sure that those retailers to which they direct shoppers actually do sell their products, while others additionally limit their listings to authorized dealers or verified businesses. Please make sure you list only those brands that you are actively selling today. Please do not check all vendors unless you are actively selling all.

Let's get on the map™!

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